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The oldest of two children, Palo's Archbishop was born on 21 February 1930 in Calbayog City, Samar. He trained at the St. Vincent de Paul Seminary in Calbayog and at the Central Seminary of the University of Sto. Tomas for further theological studies. He was ordained priest 30 November 1956 and worked for two decades as secretary to an uncle, the late Cardinal Rosales of Cebu. On 12 December, 1977, he was appointed titular bishop of Tuccabora and auxiliary bishop of Davao. He was ordained bishop 25 January 1978, appointed bishop-prelate of Tagum in 23 July 1980 and appointed bishop of Tagum in 11 October 1980. On 12 October 1985, he was appointed Archbishop of the new Archdiocese of Palo.

Archbishop Dean's administration for fifteen years has showcased a number of achievements worth recognition. Credit has been given him for introducing a systematized administration, developing and appointing people to the established infrastructures to get things done, sharing and delegating power and authority.

His practice of consulting and listening, weighing, praying over the consulted and weighed matters have made his decisions beneficial to all. The renovation of the Cathedral Church, the establishment of the St. John the Evangelist School of Theology, the construction of the Archdiocesan Socio-Pastoral Center and Chancery are highlighted as testimonies to his wisdom and administrative skills.

To his priests, Archbishop Dean has always been a listening father; a compassionate older brother: available to them anytime, and they accessible to him. He has sent a number of priests to study further. He has shown compassion to erring priests after they ask for forgiveness.

This man of God, the Archbishop of Palo, the Most Rev. Pedro Rosales Dean Rosales Jr., D.D. has been consistent in providing direction to an archdiocese long yearning for Divine wisdom and guidance in daily life.

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